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For care homes, providing residents with high quality care, which is safe, effective, and timely, is critical. Not only does this improve the wellbeing of your care home’s residents, it also ensures you meet the requirements for assessment by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which monitors, inspects, and regulates health and adult social care services in England. In this blog, we take a look at five ways to help ensure high quality care in your care home.

1. Develop a comprehensive care plan
According to an article from Home Care Pulse in 2021, poorly managed care plans were in the top 10 complaints from care providers and nurses in home care organisations. Having a detailed care plan improves continuity of care by ensuring all staff are working together towards a common goal. You care plan should set out clear goals and objectives, identify risks and opportunities, and be regularly reviewed and adjusted based on changing circumstances.

2. Effective communication
Communication between care homes, caregivers and residents is essential for providing consistently high standards of care. Care homes should communicate their company care plan with staff to ensure collaborative working, while caregivers need to have honest, open lines of communication with residents to build trusting relationships, which helps improve standards of care.

3. Regular staff training
Providing a high-quality level of care is dependent on employing skilled, experienced caregivers. Ensuring your staff have the necessary qualifications and have undertaken the relevant training is vital, however, it can be a time-consuming administrative task. When you work with a nursing recruitment agency like Go Tec, you can rest assured that every candidate’s credentials have already been verified. We also provide regular, relevant online and in-person training to keep our nurses and carers’ knowledge up to date.

4. Consistent staff levels
One of the most challenging aspects of running a care home is ensuring there are enough caregivers to provide a high standard of care. As nurses and carers are often in high demand, filling vacancies with the right calibre of staff can be challenging. Working with a specialist recruitment agency can help take the stress out of hiring, as it gives you access to a register of experienced, vetted carers, ready to work straight away.

5. Feedback and monitoring
Every care home should have a process for collecting feedback, not only from residents and their families, but also internal feedback from staff on processes and procedures. This is an effective way to identify areas for improvement, which can be implemented straight away, before a CQC assessment. If you employ staff through a reputable recruitment agency, they will also have a procedure for collecting feedback about their carers and dealing with any issues, so you can be sure that any candidates from the agency have been quality assured.

If you’re a care home looking to work with a specialist recruitment agency to fill your vacancies – get in touch.

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